Pondering this thing called life.
Exploring LA with my wonderful wife.
Lurk Vibes
Got to meet these German adventurers today at work. They’re riding down to South America on their two Suzuki adventure bikes.
Africa Fever - Proven Overland
The Ways talked about how good these cronuts were on tumblr. So I had to try one today. They good, no lie.

Model: Mercedes Benz 1124 AF 4x4
Location: Carpinteria, CA
Photo: Michael Stolz - Proven Overland
Shared it again - this time the rear end of it. Notice the dual-sport on the rear and an outboard motor as well for an inflatable watercraft. 

If you guys don’t follow van life then you’re missing out.
A visit to SLO isn’t complete without Sunshine Donuts.